Volunteer on Chios

Welcome to my website !

My name is Janne Hegna. I am a Norwegian. I am married and we have 4 grown-up children. I hold a master degree in economics and management, and a bachelor in teaching.

I travelled to the Greek Isand of Chios in the beginning av January 2016 – and I have stayed here since – to volunteer helping refugees fleeing from war and violence.

From February to mid-October 2016 I worked as the Chios Field Coordinator for the Norwegian NGO “A Drop in the Ocean”.

I am still on Chios working as a volunteer, now focusing most on vulnerable refugees, especially children and mothers, cooperating with various national and international NGOs as well as the local authorities.

On this blog I will share my experience working for the refugee cause in cooperation with Greek and international NGO volunteers as well as the local authorities.

This is a sticky post informing about the blog. The newest post follows under. Please share a link to the blog or a post you like to others that may help by volunteering in Greece or donating money to Drop in the Ocean and other organisations  working for refugees.